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Posted Feb 20 2015

Websites need to be marketed

Having a website is not enough. Why spend the money if it can't be seen by your target customer?

We see so many businesses that have done the right thing and created a website. But in most cases the strategy behind having a website has no basis.

Websites do provide the modern communication tool where a brochure, leaflet, word of mouth or advert used to provide. However having a website developed doesn't mean that your customers will visit it. Essentially a having a new website is like printing a new brochure; if you want people to see your new brochure you need to send it to them. This process is exactly the same with your website. You need the website to appear in front of your target customer. A nicely designed website will not do this alone. You website needs to be optimised for search engines. This process involves:

  • Implement a SEO Search Engine Optimisation Strategy
  • Ensure content is relevant, rich and informative to YOUR customers requirements
  • Ensure that the site is designed so that it is easy to use = customer usability
  • Employ a SEO specialist to ensure that the source code is optimised. From META tags, TITLES, Image ALT Tags, text to code ratios, keyword densities etc

Only when some of these elements are looked at do you start to market your website. Doing some of this work will give your website the opportunity to climb up the search engine rankings which will place it in front of YOUR target customer.



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