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Posted Apr 20 2015

SEM - Search Engine Marketing explained

Search Engine Marketing = SEO, Target Customer, Content marketing, Search Position, Ranking & Performance Measurement

Lets us at Ignyte Digital audit your current website free of charge to see how you are positioned to maximise your businesses potential. Our SEM Search Engine Marketing review will look at:

  • Website structure friendliness to search engines
  • Current top keywords / phrases
  • Content audit versus html code
  • SERP / Search engine position for top keywords
  • Links / Backlinks
  • Competitor websites

Search Engine Marketing is not just about one element, but an integrated stratgic approach. If you are interested in an audit, please contact us / T. 01799 522371

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Integrated approach to SEO By James on Apr 20 2015 at 3:42 PM
Totally agree with an integrated approach

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