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Posted May 01 2015

Is your USP specific and value adding?

Use social media channels and blogs to shout about your businesses USP's. #USP #CompetitiveAdvantage #Cambridge #Essex

  A USP will allow you to set your business apart from your competition. Your USP (unique selling points) must be specific and have some value to your prospective clients. If you tick the boxes of a specific USP and a meaningful USP then you should market it as hard as you can!

Use cross platform integrated marketing techniques. Whether it is through advertising, branding, social media, website or email marketing, ensure that your message sets you apart from your competition.

To be truly successful your business will need to have competitive advantage that will convince your prospective clients to do business with you rather than your competition. Finding gaps in your market will help you find potential USP's and as long as they are unique and have a market requirement and you can deliver on them then you should be able to succeed.

Blogs, news feeds, social platforms like twitter, Facebook and Google+ should be used to constantly remind your social audience of why you are more competitive than others.

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