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Sureground Ground Reinforcement

Our client Suregreen Ltd supplies grass and ground reinforcement products to the trade. This trade business operates alongside their garden and landscape supply B2C ecommerce business, but has a vastly different customer base and sales channel. The clients brief was to develop a technical website that promoted the products and services that they supply to the grass and ground reinforcement industry. The client wanted to engage with architects, specifiers, consulting engineers, landscape architects and developers.

Our Strategy

Working closely with the client we helped brief out the structure and content of the website. We developed an organic SEO strategy based around informative, highly targeted content that would be visible to their target customer. In parallel we developed a paid advertising campaign with Google Adwords.

Organic SEO

Our main on-page SEO focus was to develop the content for the website from the clients current copy, ensuring that this was improved and written around key phrases and keywords. We supported the content with unique titles, meta tags, ALT tags. Working closely with the website designer, we ensured that url structures, canonical paths and image sizes were optimised for fast page loading. We integrated an Application navigation in addition to the traditional Product Navigation which enabled the highly qualified target market were able to navigate to the appropriate webpage / information that would be relevant to their project. This allowed Application focussed optimisation.


We focussed the Google Adwords campaign around a few key products and services. PPC advertising gave the client an initial visibility on the search engine rankings and was essential for the first few months while the organic SEO work was being developed.