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Krystal Kleaning Website - SEO project by Ignyte Digital,
 Saffron Walden Essex

Ignyte Digital worked on an SEO project for a client in Norfolk. Krystal Kleaning is a leading commercial and domestic cleaning company based in King's Lynn, Norfolk. The scope of the project require Ignyte to optimise the website so that it appeared at the top of Google search rankings for the local area which included King's Lynn, West Norfolk and North Norfolk. Our approach was mainly on-page SEO optimisation which required us to understand the market, the competitors and the key phrases required to drive good quality traffic to the website.

Competitor Intelligence / Keyword Target

We approached this process by first gathering competitor intelligence of the key phrases and keywords that deliver high value visitors. Using various SEM keyword tools and competitive intelligence tools, we were able to develop a target list of the most popular keywords that are used on Google searches based around the cleaning business market sector. We also analysed competitor websites to research the keywords that drive traffic to their website. The combination of this competitive data helped us formulate a keyword strategy.

SEO Implementation

With this keyword strategy we then implemented the search engine optimisation on every website page. Each page required its content to champion a unique target search term. This influenced the content message and was backed up by optimising imagery, page titles, header tags and META descriptions.

Keyword Ranking

After our intial competitor intelligence and the keyword target list this produced,  we agreed with the client 55 key phases to benchmark against. These have been monitored on an ongoing business and the general ranking position trend can be seen in the graph below. The graph combines all keywords to give one infographic where the trend can be seen to be upwards over-time. This is showing that overall all keywords are climbing up the Google Rankings, 25 out of 55 are in the top 10, and 49 of 55 are now in the top 20. An amazing result....

Search Engine ranking growth for Krystal Kleaning's website

Graph showing overall keyword trend over a one-month period. Data from SEMrush.